1. 'Dysphoria' is officially out today!


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  2. Watch the video for ‘The Man Who Escaped’ taken from the ‘Dysphoria’ album - out Nov 5th!

  3. klamm01 Kontext - Dysphoria
    Limited edition audio cassette + digital
    November 5th 2013

    Following on from a number of remarkable vinyl cuts on Bristol’s Immerse Records, St. Petersburg’s Stanislav Sevostyanikhin returns with the first new Kontext mini album in almost four years, with the most cogitative and self-reflective one to date.
    As if being himself in a sonically altered state of consciousness, Stanislav manipulates crepuscular soundscapes and artfully programmed rhythms channelling the aural feel of solitude to the listeners, putting you into a sort of outerworld yet internally-focused context.
    Opening with some creepy voice samples captured from vintage Soviet psychiatric records (‘Preamble’) Side A features producer’s trademark murky dubtech with its stomping beats, playful percussions and Detroit-like synth chords.
    Further Side B unveils a wide range of maneuvers and stunts that have been previously kept in secret in Kontext’s music production arsenal: vinegary bleeps and synth lines (‘Acid Shower’), an eerie mantra-esque verses by featuring Ukranian poet Liza Gotfrik (‘Emergence’) and an obscure dub piece unexpectedly turning into a rave party in purgatory (‘A Man Who Escaped’).
    As Klammklang’s first release, ‘Dysphoria’ also defines a vector for label’s further development. And yes, it’s all about darkness.

    A1 Preamble
    A2 Jumping Into The Void II 
    A3 The Night Of The Sweaty Knives 
    A4 Dreams Of A Reason 
    A5 Anxiolytic Effect 
    B1 Acid Shower 
    B2 The Man Who Escaped 
    B3 Emergence (feat. Liza Gotfrik) 
    B4 Postscriptum

    Music by Stanislav Sevostyanikhin
    Voice & lyrics in B3 by Liza Gotfrik
    Video by Taras Gesh 


  4. Kontext made a mix for Fuselab podcast:

    Kontext ‘Dysphoria’ is coming early next month…